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TOV Company Description

Taste of Victory Stables, LLC is a Thoroughbred Racing group based in the state of Maryland. TOV has an active presence throughout the United States. We acquire horses by private sale, then raise, train and race them in an atmosphere where they can thrive and be profitable, and potentially continue a breeding career after racing.


We utilize Old English Rancho, the leading breeding farm in California.  This farm has some of the top performing stallions and broodmares in racing. They are our primary partner in private horse acquisitions. In addition, we employ top-level trainers like Ronney Brown and Kenny Black.  Ronney Brown is instrumental in supplying and training quality West Virginia Thoroughbreds. TOV Stables focusses on helping our partners get involved with thoroughbred ownership at a beginner level.  Over time, the breadth of potential partners has expanded in order to allow us to raise the quality of our horses. Our mission is to educate our owners from the farm to the starting gate, with the ultimate goal of getting to the winners circle over and over again.


We are currently offering co-ownership shares to the Damascus Group (TOV D), which has three promising young horses. Two fillies are located in Maryland, at Laurel Park, Hercatwillfoolu by Discreet Cat and CherryAndTheHawk by El Padrino. The third horse is a colt located in California named Uncontainable, by Acclamation. Click here for more information regarding shares.

Managment Team


Kyle Yost, Managing Partner – East Coast

Kyle grew up on a small farm in South Central Pennsylvania where his parents brokered livestock and raised horses. After graduating from Penn State University in 1990, Kyle moved to Washington DC to pursue a career in information technology sales and in the mid-nineties founded En-net Services in Frederick, MD through a partnership with his brother. In 2004, Kyle got into horse racing by claiming a horse named Mymommadonetoldme who won 3 of his first 7 races under the new ownership.

The following year Kyle was involved in seven horses through purchase, claim and partnerships. In 2010 Kyle wanted to advance his thoroughbred interests by aligning to one or two strategic trainers. After an extensive research and interview process, Kyle selected Ronney Brown who was training in Charles Town, WV to be the cornerstone trainer to build a business around in the eastern United States. Around the same time, Kyle decided to partner with his friend and business partners, Brian Richardson, to team with the Southern California connections of Old English Rancho and Don Warren. Ronney Brown and Old English Rancho have been partners in the majority of the partnerships that Kyle and Brian have managed and we know they will be an intricate part of TOV Stables in the future.

Kyle has managed 18 partnerships while providing day to day functions such as trainer interaction, acquisition selections, partner communication and education, accounts receivable, compliance, etc. From 2011 to the end of 2014, Kyle’s partnerships have had 191 starts with 31 wins (16%) and 99 money finishes (52%). Partnerships with Brian Richardson have yielded 74 starts with a 16% win percentage and 47% money finishes. With all horses/groups considered who are of racing age, Kyle’s partnerships have been profitable since 1/1/2011.


Brian C. Richardson, Managing Partner – West Coast

Brian grew up in Huntington Beach, California, which is about 20 minutes from Los Alamitos Racetrack. It’s at Los Alamitos where Brian got his first taste of horse racing.  A few years after receiving his Bachelors Degree from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California in 1992, Brian studied all aspects of Thoroughbred racing, which is his true passion.

In 2008, he co-founded Cherry Hawk Stables, which started as a partnership of 20 people who each made an investment of $3,000 to purchase their first colt, Twenty Hawks, named after his dad and the 19 other investors. This hard-knocking gelding earned over $335K in purse money since the partnership began and developed quite a fan-following. He has since retired and become a full time equestrian horse in West Virginia. With the addition of Celebrity Status and Contemplate, Cherry Hawk Stables earnings were pushed over $500K. Brian continues to be Managing Director of Cherry Hawk Stables and is involved in all aspects of the partnership including interaction with the trainers, the breeding farm, racetracks and keeping all the shareholders informed on a weekly basis. The partnership has also been profitable for the last six of seven years.

Brian has been involved in all aspects of the partnership including interaction with the trainers, the breeding farm, the racetrack and keeping all the shareholders informed on a weekly basis.

For the last 12 years, Brian has owned and operated Fiber Cables Direct, a supplier of fiber optic and copper cables based in Yorba Linda, California.

Russ Sapienza

Russ Sapienza, Senior Advisor to TOV Stables

Russ is a soon to be retired senior partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Practice with 39 years of experience in the media, entertainment, sports, communications, and financial services industries. His clients have included The United States Tennis Association, the New York Mets, Caymanes Park (Jamaica WI), HBO, HULU, Warner Bros., Verizon, Turner, Fox, and many other well-known brands.

His post-PwC ‘encore career’ will include advisory assignments at several major media and sports ventures as well as serving as an advisor to TOV Stables.

Long Island, New York based Russ will work closely with Kyle and Brian, as well as TOV trainers and partners such as OER in areas such as strategies for expansion, enhancements in the co-owner experience (including social media adoption), and relationships with the industry (e.g., Jockey Club, NYRA, Stronach Group, NTRA).

Russ’s love for horse racing started as a teen at Brandywine Harness Racetrack and transitioned to Thoroughbreds in the mid-1970s when his future father-in-law turned him on to horses like Affirmed and Seattle Slew (Russ witnessed both of the Triple Crown wins in the Belmont Stakes), and to family trips to Saratoga during the racing season. Russ’s license plate is “BYANOSE”. Need we say more?


Jonny Hilvers, Manager, Old English Rancho

Jonny grew up at Old English Rancho and has a great background for thoroughbred ranch management. He worked alongside his grandfather and racing Hall of Fame member, Buddy Johnston, as a youth. Jonny was groomed for leadership prior to Buddy’s unexpected passing in early 2015. He has performed every farm job from breeding, foaling, and vet technician to nutritionist, training, racing, etc. His vast experience has truly helped him to become the leader of Old English Rancho. Jonny has enjoyed immediate success on and off the track and his knowledge of horses is an incredible asset to TOV Stables.

Phil Schoenthal

Phil Schoenthal, Trainer, Laurel Racetrack

Phil has been a very well respected and successful trainer in the Mid-Atlantic region since 2004 while winning at a 23% rate in 2016. After serving in the United States Air Force and a short stint in corporate America, Phil settled into a career path surrounding thoroughbreds. Phil’s training regimen involves the utilization of high nutrient hydroponic fodder as feed, cold saltwater therapy treatments to help with recovery after exercise, class IV laser therapy and he utilizes his own hands for pressure point therapy for muscle and joint health. Phil routinely conducts barn tours for partners or people interested to get involved in thoroughbred racing and sits on several thoroughbred industry boards.


Kenny Black, Trainer, Santa Anita Racetrack

Kenny has been a trainer on the Santa Anita, Hollywood and Del Mar circuit for several years and trains exclusively for Old English Rancho.

Recently awarded CTBA 2016 Trainer of the Year, Kenny has been a top trainer on the Southern California circuit for several years. Currently, Kenny is the private trainer for Old English Rancho and manages all race track operations. He had a distinguished career as a jockey and continues to ride Old English horses for workouts in the mornings. The ability to ride the horses in his stable gives Kenny a perspective that is not common among today’s trainers. Known around the circuit as a fabulous horseman, the combination of skills he possesses has been a recipe for significant success.

Kenny also employs his brother and former jockey Cory Black to assist with morning workouts, which is an incredible advantage in assessing the abilities of his horses. Kenny enjoys providing barn tours to partners or people interested to get involved with thoroughbreds. He loves telling the stories of when he appeared in the films ‘Seabiscuit” and “50 to 1.”


Ronney Brown, Trainer – Charles Town Racetrack

Ronney Brown has been one of the most respected and successful trainers in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1991. From 2000-2013 Ronney has been ranked in the top 100 winning trainers in the United States eleven times and in six of those years he has been ranked in the top twenty five.

Based in Charles Town, West Virginia, Ronney and his long time staff maintain a stable of between 45-55 horses year round for several owners and syndicates. Ronney’s success has been largely based on the fact that he is extremely “hands on” while spending time on a daily basis with each horse to learn and understand their idiosyncrasies. Ronney also understands the goals of his clients and maintains open lines of communication for questions, answers and updates. As a rule, Ronney always considers the health of the equine first and foremost when making decisions about acquiring, selling, training, racing, etc. Training with integrity, honor and success have been and will continue to be a hallmark of the Ronney Brown Racing Stable.

Competitive Advantage

Low management fee. We only get paid if our horses finish 1st -4th or through claim or private sale.

History of success. Kyle and Brian have a combined 20 years of managing thoroughbred partnerships.

Top-level trainers. Our trainers also typically maintain a percentage of ownership in our horses.

Low contribution amount of $500-$1000, which is very rare in Thoroughbred ownership opportunities.

Great supplier of Thoroughbreds. Old English Rancho is one of the top breeding farms in the country and is home to Vronsky and Acclamation. Ronney Brown has a proven success of spotting quality horses especially in West Virginia. Additionally, TOV is excited about the alignment with trainer Phil Schoenthal due to his extensive knowledge and experience purchasing horses through bloodstock and private sales.


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