TOV Pride

Becoming involved in a Thoroughbred Racing Group is one of the most enjoyable, smart and affordable ways for new owners to get involved in the sport for a fraction of the cost. The beauty of TOV Stables is that you only have to contribute what you can afford. It doesn’t matter whether you own 3% of the horse partnership or 40%, you are still an owner and get to enjoy all the benefits. If your horse wins, you still get to take a picture in the winners circle and enjoy your percentage of the purse money.

Our style is to manage this investment diligently and with a lot of interaction with our trainer and members. We attend many races and early a.m. training sessions in order to have personal conversations with the trainer and exercise riders. Email updates will be provided to our members on a regular basis to make sure everyone is up to speed. We often include a short educational piece in our emails which is designed to help you better understand horses, trainers, strategies, etc. You will always know the status of our horse (s) and strategies being employed for each race. At the beginning of each month we will email copies of the previous month’s bills and racetrack earnings/expense account in order to validate dividend payments or expense payment.

We hope that you want to be a part of Thoroughbred Racing. We encourage our owners to attend the races or morning workouts. It is truly one of the most thrilling experiences that we’ve ever been a part of. We will bring that experience to you as an owner and a partner so that you can see what it feels like to have your horse thundering down the stretch to cross the wire first. It will truly give you a Taste of Victory.