What does my initial contribution get me?

Your initial share price includes the purchase price for the horses, as well as expected expenses through a certain date (expressed in the solicitation of interest and the contract). This date is generally the end of the quarter in which we reasonably expect the horses to be racing (and generating income). You also get our full co-owner experience, which includes a complimentary winner’s circle photo for your first winner, barn and paddock access, discounted Taste of Victory events, a credit for Taste of Victory Stables gear, and the excitement of owning your own racehorse!

How are taxes treated?

Each person who contributes funds to a Taste of Victory Stables Group is a co-owner in Taste of Victory Stables LLC and thus will receive a K1 tax document.

What is the plan for the horses when they finish racing?

Each horse is evaluated for what the best decision is for the horse. If the horse is deemed to have potential as breeding stock, they will be sold as such and the proceeds from the sale will be distributed in the group. If the horse is not breeding stock (gelding or did not perform well enough on the track) they will be rehomed for a second career outside of racing. Each group pays into an aftercare fund that we maintain. Those funds are used to pay for any post racing rehabilitation, shipping, or other expenses incurred to insure our horses have good homes. In the event of excess funds in that account, money is donated to reputable aftercare organizations.

Is there a limit to the amount of shares I can purchase in a group?

No, you can purchase as many shares as you would like. If you are interested in owning larger portions of horses or having your own private stable, our team can customize a stable that aligns with your interests and location. 

Can I learn more or be involved before buying into a group?

Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to sign up for our e-mail list, where you can follow our stable and all our events. If you haven’t been to the track or would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to have a conversation or potentially meet for a behind the scenes tour.