Hear what our co-owners and friends of the industry are saying about taste of victory


“I have been a horse racing enthusiast for close to 40 years now and always wanted to learn more about horse ownership. My initial thoughts were that owners had inside connections and needed a vast amount of money to even consider it. When introduced to Taste of Victory Racing Stables several years ago, I saw that being an owner and learning the business was affordable. As a share owner, I was exposed to ongoing newsletters that provided me information to grow my knowledge and led to opportunities that I could not imagine five years ago. Taste of Victory stands out with what it brings to its many shareholders. In my case, I was able to view a Graded Stakes race from an owners box at Keeneland a few years ago and meet the people behind the scenes that make it happen. Since that exposure, I became more comfortable with ownership that I was able to partner with my brother Tony who purchased a 40% share of a Taste of Victory owned horse, MikeNJane, named in honor of our parents. I couldn’t imagine another horse racing syndicate that treats their share owners any better and as equals regardless how much one has invested. I encourage others to follow their dreams.

-Frank Maslowski

“When Kyle and Brian started opening up new Taste of Victory syndicates, we jumped at the chance! As co-owners, we have thoroughly enjoyed the almost three years being a part of this amazing and fun organization. Some highlights of our involvement include:

PeopleFrom Kyle and Brian and their growing team to the awesome Dan Blacker – all have been warm, inviting and willing to share their experiences. The incredible people from Old English Rancho are absolutely fantastic as well.

HorsesHaving the chance to have behind-the-scenes tours and hands-on with the people and horses has been a highlight. My wife especially enjoys feeding the horses some fresh carrots.

EducationThe co-owner get-togethers are a great way to interact, network and learn about this great sport.

Tracks: Being able to visit and participate at many gorgeous tracks. We are looking forward to venturing east to see others as well and being a part of  the opportunity Taste of Victory provides. Being in the Winner’s Circle (of a Stakes Race no less!) is a thrill and we are looking forward to more of those moments.

-Dan Pennington

“Taste of Victory Racing Stables has made it possible for my wife and I to enjoy horse racing at a high level. To stand in the saddling ring at Keeneland for the Grade 1 Makers Mark was an enormous high for us.

-Tim Cox

“Taste of Victory Racing Stables has been such a fantastic experience, not only watching my own racehorses in action, but also getting up close and personal with them during the VIP barn tours. Never did I think I might have the opportunity to own a real racehorse (let alone several at one time) and get to watch them grow, train and race! While the live links to racing videos of my horses are great, there are really nothing like the TOV trackside and barn experience – amazing, I love it!”

-Christa Lafayette