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Brink Point was Taste of Victory's first runner in Ohio. This gelding was born with tendon laxity, meaning he had loose ligaments which caused his joints to bend more than usual. His breeder Chelsey Wolterman had to go to his stall every hour for the first 48 hours to hold him so he could nurse. Eventually, thanks to the patience of his breeders, Brink Point was able to run and play like a normal foal. 

Brink Point's breeders Chelsey and Peggy Wolterman wanted to maintain ownership of their horse but needed someone else to manage the racing aspect. They contacted us for private stable management and together we all watched Brink Point transform into a 5-time winning racehorse.

Pedigree: Mixmaster - Ola D., Yonaguska

Trainer: Brian Waltz & Larry Smith

Owners: Taste of Victory Stables

Breeder: Peggy Wolterman

Photos: Milt Wentzel Photography


Belterra Park 7-22-2020 Race 8
RACE 1 PROGRAM 7 29 2022
RACE 5 PROGRAM 9 6 2022


“I just wanted to believe that we could do horse racing the right way. Ethically. With a solid aftercare program and people that care much more about doing it the right way than about squeezing a horse for a return on investment immediately. I love horses and this sport could be so much bigger with more education and awareness and really quite frankly, monetary incentives to do the right thing. Syndicates are absolutely the right answer for so many people (even me) that lack the sheer $$$ of what it takes to make a racehorse from start to finish.”
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