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The 'California Fillies' group consists of two two-year-old fillies that are currently in training at Silver D Bar ranch in California. They will travel to Santa Anita or Golden Gate Fields following their training - their location will depend on their maturity level, though Santa Anita is our first choice for both. 

Ownership Details:

  • $1,200/share with 30 shares available 

  • Training and vet expenses will be paid for a six-month period. 2-3 months at Silver D Bar and 3-4 months of track training.

  • Ownership percentage depends on the final number of shares sold and is expected to be about 2-3% per share.

  • This is an equity group! Purse earnings and claim/sale of fillies will be distributed to co-owners.

Contact Brian Richardson to reserve your shares via text [714-745-1069] or email [].


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