Taste Of Victory Private Management Groups

Photo By: @SAPublicity

Photo By: @SAPublicity

how does private management work?

Private management works very similar to our regular offerings only we cater directly to YOU or your group of people! Give us your goals, the type of horse(s) you could see yourself owning (Racing, Pinhooking, Breeding, etc. or a combination), the circuit you want to focus on and we can take care of the rest! We handpick your horse(s) through the various auctions, private purchasing, claiming, etc. and manage your horse for you group so that you can back and enjoy the ride! You decide how much or how little interaction or input that you want to provide. Private Management is great for families, poker of golfing groups, fraternity brothers and sorority sisters, tennis friends, essentially any individuals or groups that want a program customized to provide maximum enjoyment and flexibility.

Why private management

Say that one of our group offerings doesn’t fit your liking, maybe you live in California and we are offering New York horses, or maybe you live in New York and we are offering Kentucky horses. Say that a few of your friends or colleagues want to get into horse racing ownership from the very start of it all. We will cater to your wants and guide you along to way to make sure your private management group is successful!


Taste Of Victory Private Management Is Breeders Cup Bound!


Current Taste Of Victory Private Management Groups

  • Maslowski group (california / new york)

  • brink point group (ohio / Kentucky)

  • bowlmaggedon group (california)