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Four Fun Benefits of Racehorse Ownership

Thoroughbred racehorse during morning training. The benefits of becoming a racehorse owner.
There are many benefits to becoming a racehorse owner.

Has the idea of racehorse ownership been on your mind, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge? Here are four fun reasons why you should finally make those dreams of owning racehorses come true.

You get to experience a day at the track in a new way.

Think back on all the times you saw racehorse owners at the track. They were inside the paddock, chatting with their trainer and jockey and watching their horse closely. Then as their horse headed out to the track, they picked a place to watch the race, their adrenaline pumping like it only would for an owner. When the horses come tearing down the stretch, those owners are cheering as loudly as they can, hoping their encouragement somehow propels their horse to the lead and under the wire first. They then gleefully rush to the winner’s circle to take a picture to commemorate their unforgettable moment.

You’ve seen it all from the outside, but if you become a racehorse owner you will experience this unique feeling too.

You get behind-the-scenes access.

Not just anyone can head to the backside - the barn area at the track - to visit their horse and then watch them train in the beautiful morning light, a sight that inspires dreams of winning in anyone who witnesses it. If you become a racehorse owner, you will have this opportunity time and time again.

You get more bragging rights with racehorse ownership.

It’s fun to brag about winning a wager, but everyone has had the opportunity to do this at least once in their life. Bragging about a horse you own winning a race is a whole new ballgame. Imagine telling your friends that you have joined your horse in the winner’s circle - you often get this bragging right more than once as an owner.

You’ll have a personal attachment to the sport.

Following horse racing as a fan is fun, but owning racehorses takes this to a new level. As an owner, you will be more invested in industry news, daily races, top horses, breeding, and sales. Your familiarity with the sport will skyrocket.

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